Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If I were a...

If I were a rock I'd be big and gray.
I'd sit outside all of the day.
Until you came and scooped me up
And used me as a paperweight.

If I were a toad I'd be green.
I'd hop about, never mean.
Until you came and kissed my mouth
And then you'd have your lips to clean.

If I were a tree I'd be round and tall.
The sun would shine, my shadow would crawl.
Until you came and chopped my trunk
And then upon you I would fall.

If I were a friend I'd be here for you.
Trusting each other, our friendship grew.
Until the day you told me lies
And then out the window, our friendship flew.


  1. Somebody hurt you didn't they?

  2. It sure does sound sad, doesn't it? I think I might draw a kids' book/comic for it like my buddy Jake does for Robots and Mice. Thoughts?

  3. I think you're half way done. Shoot to kill Harder, shoot to kill.